Caution: Garry’s Mod is infected with Virus!


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It has been in rumor for quite a long time that Garry’s Mod servers had been infected with a virus. But the rumor turned out to be true and the virus was created by some unknown developer who injected the virus into the game servers. This virus created a bad repute about the game and the players who were playing online were highly affected. Therefore the game developers, that is Valve technologies took the notice and handled the situation on time.
It is because of their sincere efforts, this highly played game was protected from the virus being spread to a larger dimension and game was saved on time. Since then the game has had many positive reasons for the affected players to come and play again.

How one can prevent from such online viruses?

We believe that Garry’s Mod is made more extravagant and entertaining once played with the friends online. But after this threat, players still avoid playing online. In that case it would be highly recommendable to download antivirus softwares only from the trusted websites. These antivirus softwares help in preventing the virus to get flooded in your computer. Also they ensure that the virus never comes back to your system or harm the system or the game itself.

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