Garry’s Mod: A Decade of Entertainment, Success and Changes.

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It literally has been more than 10 years since the release of the game on 24th December 2004. But the game still holds a great deal of membership worldwide. Players have repeatedly report to love playing the game just because it’s the only sandbox game which is flooded with many features. Assume for a minute how you would feel if you can fly things in the real world by the gesture of your gun in hand; feels great!

However many players who paid for the game had been restraining players to get the game for free. They like to get players paid for the game the same way they did to get it. But since Gmod for free is in the market, now those who paid complain that the game will not get updates. So we would like to mention that this is not the case. We update the game every time the original file is updated. This is because we want our players to get the most of from the Garry’s Mod for free.

We ensure that in future the game will continue to be available for free. We are also working to improve our site so that our supporters not only continue to support us but also refer us to among their family and friends for the Garry’s Mod free game.

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